This 58,000 square foot facility was completed in 2005.  The Owner’s desire for occupancy led to the implementation of a fast-track construction schedule.  The project was constructed within 16 months of its inception; a timeframe that was only made possible by the ability of our office to produce early construction-ready documents for the foundations and steel superstructure.

This completion date was almost jeopardized by a contractor's error in the placement of caissons, which were set several feet from their intended locations.  As soon as we were informed of this situation we began to assess the condition and engineered a system of grade beams to transfer the column loads to the constructed caissons.  This timely solution ensured that the building would be completed within the desired timeframe.

The structure was designed to accommodate future vertical and lateral expansion.  Several portions of the structure were also detailed with provisions for the support of anticipated future diagnostic equipment.  This foresight will greatly reduce disruptions to the space when the equipment is installed.

Project was presented with the "2006 Project Innovations Award" by Buildings magazine and was featured in the September 2006 Architectural Showcase issue of Healthcare Design magazine.

Project Location: 
North Barrington, Illinois
Loebl Schlossman & Hackl Architects