This nine-story residential condominium building was constructed using a concrete flat slab to minimize the floor to floor height.  A metal stud back-up system was employed to support the brick veneer, thus minimizing the weight of the structure while maintaining the desired masonry aesthetic.

An underground parking level was determined to be the most efficient use of the given site.  The water table in this area, however, proved to be unusually high, which could have created long term issues within the basement level if not properly addressed.  The solution was to design the basement structure as a water-tight basement, it added significant hydrostatic pressures on the underside of the floor slab that acted to push the slab upwards.  We designed this element, therefore, as a structural two-way flat plate slab that spanned between caissons.  This efficient and cost-effective solution allowed the site to be developed to the full extent desired by the Owner.

Project Location: 
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Bloodgood Sharp Buster Architects