The construction of a 60ft equipment tower within an existing facility can pose many unique challenges, especially when the existing roof elevation is less than 20’.  We approached this project by designing the tower to be wholly independent from the remainder of the building.  In this manner, we eliminated any adverse structural interaction between the two vastly different building types.  We utilized braced frames above the existing roof and knee bracing below to minimize both the tower sway and the disruption to the flow of the space below.  We worked closely with the architect to coordinate the structural framing layout with the equipment penetrations through the multiple floors of grating required in the tower.  Finally, we assessed the impact of the tower construction on the existing roof framing and adjacent storage hoppers and detailed the retrofit requirements for these elements.  All of this was accomplished within the limited time-frame required to meet the owner’s schedule. 


Photos courtesy of designhaus inc.

Project Location: 
Bedford Park, Illinois
designhaus, inc.