As part of the project to create a new theater space for the Lookingglass Theater within the historic Pumping Station, the north exterior portion of the building was reworked to create a new entrance.  Below this entry exists a network of water-mains, vaults and other systems associated with the municipal function of the structure.  The Chicago Water Department’s caveat for any new construction on this parcel was that no new loads could be applied to these underground systems.  In order to fulfill this requirement, our office devised a system of grade beams and structural slabs supported on a network of helical anchors.  The locations for the helical anchors were determined by reviewing all of the available historic drawings for the Pumping Station to locate potential obstructions and then instituting a protocol of buffer-spaces around these elements.  These criteria were then laid out and illustrated in numerous structural plans and elevations.  The effort devoted to the design streamlined the construction by limiting the potential for unforeseen conflicts and interferences.

Project Location: 
Chicago, Illinois
Scott Byron & Company