The DuPage Water Commission has undertaken a plan to utilize the large green space above one of their primary reservoirs and pumping stations as a source for solar energy.  The construction documents that were prepared for this project required that a Structural Engineer work closely with the primary electrical subcontractor to coordinate and plan the construction activity to occur on the lid of the active reservoir.  Our office reviewed the proposed stripping, stockpiling and array placement operations and developed a computer model to analyze the existing reservoir lid for the equipment and material loads of each step in the construction.  We then prepared construction sequence drawings and a narrative set of structural calculations to clearly define the process of construction.

Given our success with this early phase of the project, we were subsequently hired by the solar panel manufacturer to assist with the design of their array racks, by the precast supplier to design the ballast planks, and by the construction manager to certify the design of the louvers for the generator building construction.

Project Location: 
Chicago, Illlinois
Divine Brothers Electric Company
Project Documents: