This new three-level facility boasts a green roof, weight room, locker rooms, mechanical spaces, classrooms, an indoor track and a competition gymnasium.  To allow for uninterupted space on the main level, the running track was suspended from the 126 ft-span steel roof joists. This required careful consideration of the construction sequence and long-term function of the support members.  The new field house was constructed adjacent to the existing school building which necessitated creative solutions to address loading from the drifting-snow requirements of current Code.  A new lower-elevation segment of roof between the new high-volume space and the one-story portion of the existing structure was designed to prevent overloading the existing roof framing.  The foundation system for the field house created added excitement since there were poor soils to contend with.  As such, the building's foundation consists of caissons.  In addition, the main level slab was constructed as a structural slab (spanning from caisson to caisson), instead of a traditional slab-on-grade, so that extensive overexcavation and recompaction, which would have greatly affected the construction schedule, could be avoided.

This project was awarded the LEED Silver status.

Project Location: 
Norridge, Illinois
DLA Architects